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Chris and Ted have been friends for way too long and have been accused of sharing a brain - and we're sure that some of you feel like they're only operating with half of one anyway!  They'll use this spot to share their left-leaning views on politics, sports, current events and whatever else pops up.  They're hoping to have an audio podcast up and running in early 2016, so look for that as well!

Here is a little more about the two of them:

Ted Grevelis

New Englander born and raised but a Minnesotan by choice, though that hasn't cured him of his Boston sports addictions.  A pair of sons have blessed his life which he shares with his fiancĂ©e, equine photographer Heather Frisbie. Together they created the Midwest Paddock Report, dedicated to horse racing in the Midwest.  He sells slot machines, writes about racing and he and Heather breed and race horses in the Midwest.  He'll team up in this space with his brother from another mother to rant at politicians, the government, sports and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Chris Palladino

Chris is a "Vegas Kid" and has lived in Las Vegas for most of his life and unlike his counterpart, the only thing Boston that Chris likes is the "chowda". Having a small gaggle of kids (and a new baby
granddaughter), Chris spends most of his time either coaching baseball or relearning algebra to help with homework. Currently he is a professional fundraiser for a non-profit museum. Chris is an avid MMA fan, a political junkie and Veteran's Rights advocate. The collaboration of Chris and Ted is interesting because, historically speaking, once a rant starts the tangents turn epic pretty quickly.

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