Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Letter To My Hetero Life Mate

A Letter To My Hetero Life Mate


I was going to write a blog about procrastination, but I put it off until later *Rim Shot*. I will be here all weekend and don’t forget to tip your waitress and for sure order the salmon special!

There are times when I think that the only reason we are still friends is because we know too much about each other and that the statue  of limitations isn’t up for most of the stuff we have done. Then there are times like last week, when you constantly checked up on me, even with a quick text or call. You have no idea how much that meant to me. You are by far the best man I know.

There are things that will always remind me of you:
  •  Any time I see or hear a reference to “Remember the Alamo”
  •  Any time I see a hot dog vendor or hear a really bad Italian accent
  •  When I find myself lying in bed, with the same clothes on from the night before, but there are holes in the knees of my pants and my palms are filthy and have gravel pressing into them. (Dick move by the way)
  •  Any time I hear Batman’s girlfriends name
  •  Any time I see a Lamborghini and wonder how a fat guy could get in and out of that car
  •  Any time I take a 4 hour lunch break to play craps or miniature golf
  •  Any time I find out that somebody was “raised by wolves”
  • Any time I run into somebody named “Jose Marimba”
  •  Any time I turn a rental car in and they need to just throw it away instead of clean it out
You know, every day stuff!

And there are not so funny memories we share, breakups, illnesses, watching the fall of the World Trade Towers.  You were with me during some of the hardest parts of my life. Every step, and you and I know how rough some of those steps were.

Today we live 1600 miles apart and you are still there for me when I need you. Always giving me advice based on what’s best for me and not just your opinion. It’s like having my own Jiminy Cricket. You are also not afraid to tell me things I don’t want to hear or disagree with.

So today I am sitting here in my favorite pub, drinking bad coffee and laughing at all of our old mishaps and adventures. I miss seeing you every day but know you’re only a call or text away so I can get some of that old fashioned New England wisdom.**Chowda**

I will end this by saying it again; you are the best man I have ever known and thank you for all these years of your friendship. I look forward to many more years of this.

With love and affection (not in THAT way, but there’s nothing wrong with that…)

Your Buddy Chris

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